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Chapter of the Year

2010 & 2015 GWRRA International Chapter of the Year

PegAss Award

The Chapter has two PegAss Awards given out to deserving Chapter Participants. There is a monthly and annual award winner. Any Chapter Participant is eligible for the monthly or annual award.


Monthly Award
To qualify for consideration for the monthly award a participant must have done something funny, strange or stupid during a Chapter Event. The occurrence must be submitted to the PegAss Coordinator prior to the next Chapter Gathering.

Annual Award
The 12 monthly award winners are the only participants eligible to received the annual award. The annual PegAss Award winner will be announced at the Chapter Christmas party.
2017 - Aimee Peters

2016 - Bob Fox

2015 - Fred Bley

2014 - Aimee Peters

2013 - Jeff Duffy

2012 - Karen Taylor

2011 - Kay Durham

2010 - Madalena Buck

2009 - Adrienne Epler

Nancy Shrader (FL1-A Tampa)
Jake Jacob (FL1-A Tampa)
Joanne Jacob (FL1-A Tampa)
Grand PegAss
Hall of Shame

Aimee Peters
Jeff Duffey
Hall of Shame

Madalena Buck
Bob Fox
Jeff Duffey
Karen Taylor
Ron Brown (X2)
Matt Forman
Nancy Shrader (FL1-A Tampa)
Joanne Jacob (FL1-A Tampa)

 Monthly Award Winners


November 2017 - Ron Brown

For Meritorious Achievement during the Ron’s Ride. It was a beautiful Friday morning and you were just telling your Co-Rider how happy you were she was on the ride with you this morning when it all started. First your Co-Rider noticed you were coming up on the KSU kind of fast and alerted you. Too late! You passed the entrance to the N-KSU location. You made a very sharp fast turn into the next gas station lifting her out of her seat and arms flailing. At this point she wondered if she was on the back of a Goldwing or a mechanical bull. Next, she asked how you were going to get to the KSU since there was a divider in the street between the 2 gas stations. With an evil laugh you said, "ha ha ha watch this I don't want them to see I passed the entrance. You proceeded to make an illegal U-turn and entered the KSU from the side driveway. As we approached the others, before even coming to a complete stop, one of the members asked, "didn't I just see you past the KSU". Lessons learned: you are always being watched and your Co-rider will turn you in.